Study abroad in Cádiz

Learn Spanish under the sun in Cádiz, the 3,000-year-old town with some of the best beaches in Spain.

The town of Cádiz is built on a thin slice of land, connected to the mainland of Spain by almost just a thread. Being surrounded by the sea, you will never be too far from the beach, which is one of the main draw cards for tourists travelling to Cádiz. This town offers more than just sun and sand, with thousands of years of history. Explore the narrow streets of the historic old town to learn more about the history of what is considered Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited city. It is from the port of Cádiz which the Italian colonizer Christopher Columbus himself left Europe to head towards the Americas.

Cádiz has many authentic corners to explore. The colorful building facades and busy streets create a vibrant atmosphere. Here you can try some of the freshest seafood in Spain, straight from one of the many fish markets which haul in the daily catch from the sea.

Cádiz’s proximity to northern Africa is clearly seen in the unique architecture of the town. The yellow dome of the Cádiz Cathedral and its white spires can be seen reaching above the rooftops of the town. A language course here in Cádiz will be a mixture of relaxation and exciting adventure as you settle into the balance of Andalusian life.

Language schools in Cádiz

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The CLIC chain of schools is well-known for its high-quality professional language education, and the Cadiz school is no exception to this. The school provides a mix of engaging classes and an exciting activities program outside of the classroom, to make sure that students make the most of their time in Spain, enjoying their surroundings and of course, learning Spanish.

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