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Take your Spanish course in Cusco and visit the mysterious and iconic Incan city of Machu Picchu.

Cusco was the most important Incan city and is now the gateway for Machu Picchu, which has become a must see for travelers from around the world. As a result the city mixes historical Incan temples with trendy apartments and restaurants, and there are always plenty of travelers passing through. In addition to the archaeological treasures, you will also find well-preserved colonial architecture, a thriving nightlife and a host of museums and galleries. The city is also well-known for its large indigenous population and there are therefore various interesting markets and traditional Peruvian restaurants. 

Of course, most visitors come to Cusco to see the ancient ruins in the Sacred Valley and to enjoy their beautiful Andean setting. Just outside the city lies Sacsayhuaman, the site of the 1536 battle between the Spanish and Incans, and Qínqu, an Incan temple most probably used to make sacrifices to the gods. Machu Picchu is a litter further afield, accessible by train from the nearby town of Poroy or by a four day trek along the famous Inca trail.

Language schools in Cusco

Language courses abroad in Amauta

Amauta was founded in 1996 and is Cusco’s most well-known language school. In addition to providing high-quality Spanish classes, the school specializes in cultural programs. As a result, at Amauta you can choose to combine your Spanish lessons with classes studying Incan history and culture, Peruvian cooking, traditional music, Peruvian dancing or Quechua (the original language of the Andean peop

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Language courses abroad in Academia Latinoamericana

Academia Latinoamericana is a group of South American language schools. They offer private lessons and courses in small groups in a friendly, close-knit environment to ensure students get the personal attention they need to progress quickly. As all Academia Latinoamericana courses follow the same structure and use the same teaching methods, you can easily spread your course over more than one dest

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Student group in front of mountainous landscape

Opened in 2008, ECELA is located in the charming city Cusco in the highlands of Peru. The school is part of the ECELA group of Spanish language schools known for their friendly approach, high-quality lessons and fun activities. ECELA enables its students to easily spread their course over a number of their different schools if they wish, meaning that you can start your course in Cusco before conti

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