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Learn Spanish in Puerto Escondido

Learn Spanish in the Mexican surf paradise of Puerto Escondido. Be witness to the unique natural environment, beautiful beaches, and friendly Mexicans.

Since the completion of the main highway in the 1960s, Puerto Escondido has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists. Surfers come in search of the perfect wave, sunbathers enjoy the beautiful beaches and bird watchers visit the nearby lagoons which have a rich diversity of native bird species.

Puerto Escondido is a relatively young city. It was used as a port to ship coffee beans but only developed in the 1920s. Since then it has grown into a popular surfing destination with a population of over 50,000 people, a far cry from the small fishing town of just 3,000 inhabitants.

The climate of this town is tropical with rainy summers and dry winters. The average yearly temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, attracting tourists year round. It is during the months of November and December that the temperature can drop to its lowest of 18 degrees. Visitors enjoy long warm days as only during the evenings will it drop to temperatures requiring a light jacket.

Whether you are in search of dolphins, whales, turtles or rare birds, there is much to see in this small romantic fishing town. The longer you stay it will be harder to stay farewell.


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