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Learn Portuguese in Salvador

Study Portuguese in Salvador, the port town known as the birthplace of Brazilian culture. 

Located on the Brazilian east cost next to the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Baia de Todos os Santos (All Saints’ Bay), Salvador is a port rich in history. This was once Portugal’s capital in the New World and for centuries it has held a key position in the local and regional economy. The city centre has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site and here you will find incredible colonial architecture and gold-lined churches.

The city mixes Brazilian and African culture, giving it a unique and rich musical heritage. Here you can enjoy samba and capoeria in one the city’s many festivals, including the famous annual carnival when the city attracts visitors from all over the world. Local cuisine also combines traditions from Brazil and Africa, with the popular street food acarajé, for example, being made up of shrimps, onions and black-eyed peas.


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