Study abroad in Seoul

Take a Korean course in Seoul, South Korea’s bustling metropolis.

Home to K-Pop, unbelievable modern technology and with the fastest internet connection in the world, Seoul is a fiercely modern city. However, it also has a traditional side, with the city containing five UNESCO World Heritage Sites and there being a host of temples and imperial palaces to visit.

Seoul is made up of various different interesting districts. The popular Gangnam area is known for its fashion trends, Myeongdong and Jongro are shopping havens lined with skyscrapers and the Cheonggyecheon riverbank is a great place to spend a quiet afternoon. Geographically, the city is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and there are plenty of hikes you can take from right outside the city.

With its 700 museums, hundreds of cultural centres and miles of shops and businesses, you will certainly have plenty to keep you occupied in Seoul. Seoul also has a number of interesting annual events, such as the Seoul Lantern Festival, held every November. There is, of course, plenty of delicious food to be discovered too. Visit the Noryangjin fish market to try some fantastic local seafood delicacies or go to a teahouse for a traditional cultural experience.

Language schools in Seoul

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The successful Lexis group of language schools has built a strong reputation for offering high quality language courses in Australia, Japan and Korea. The Korean branch of Lexis is well located in the heart of the lively Korean capital of Seoul.

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