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Learn Japanese in Kobe

Study Japanese in Kobe, an attractive hillside city in Japan's Hyōgo Prefecture.

Lying between the Rokko Mountains and Osaka Bay, Kobe is also in a fantastic position to explore the countryside and other parts of Japan. The momiji forests are only ten minutes away while the ancient capitals Kyoto and Nara can be reached in under an hour. The city is also well-known for its fantastic range of options for dining and night life. The local specialty is Kobe beef (or Wagyu), a delicacy renowned for its tenderness and well-marbled texture. 

Although Kobe is the sixth largest city in Japan, it is relatively small and concentrated, making it easy to explore by foot. The city has a lively modern city centre, but each of the former villages that made up the old town have their own individual personalities. As a result, here you can find both wide commercial streets and small winding lanes, as well as ancient monuments and traditional houses side by side with modern conveniences. 


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