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Learn German in Radolfzell

Study German in Radolfzell, the lovely lakeside town known as a destination for respite and relaxation.

Radolfzell is located in the south of Germany, on the very Western shore of Lake Constance. The town was founded as a monastery in 826 AC, and over time grew to be the prosperous town it is today. Its rich history can be seen in the narrow streets of the old town: in the houses and churches, and the festivals and local customs which are well-established in the Catholic tradition. One of the most famous buildings and a must-see for visitors is the Cathedral of Our Lady (Münster Unserer Lieben Frau), which is complete with the relics of the town’s patron saints, Theopont, Senesius, and Zeno.

The town attracts many visitors seeking to nourish their body, mind, and spirit and of course, to relax on vacation. On the Mettnau peninsula, you can find many therapeutic centers in the midst of a beautiful natural environment, where visitors head to treat their ailments. If you are looking for rest and relaxation, there are also many spas with outdoor activities, as well as walking and cycling paths along the lakeside with views of the forest landscapes, which can be easily visited, or even practice meditation in this peaceful environment.

For aquatic sports lovers, Radolfzell is the ideal place during the summertime. Lake Constance becomes home to holidaymakers who want to canoe, kayak, practice stand-up paddle boarding or snorkel. The sunsets on the lake are an experience not to be missed and are best enjoyed whilst navigating the calm waters and enjoying the lovely landscapes. One of the lake’s famous attractions is a statue of a boy named “El Niño” by Ubbo Enninga, which tourists often confuse with a real person.

The traditional Hausherrenfest is celebrated every year from the third Sunday in July, in honor of the patron saints. A festival of Christian origin, it is today a moment when the culture and tradition of Radolfzell emerge in full and one can enjoy a fantastic program of concerts and try the delicious local cuisine. The culmination of the festival is the procession on the lake of the people of the nearby town of Moos. They float on the lake in their beautifully decorated boats and finish with a breakfast on the shore front. If you choose to study in Radolfzell you will be able to enjoy a myriad of activities throughout the year in combination with taking a language course.


Schools in Radolfzell

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