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Learn English in Manchester

The northern England metropolis of Manchester is often referred to as the country’s second capital. Well known for its history, culture and alternative music scene, here the industrial tradition meets modernity, making Manchester a very special place to live, work and study. A language course in the home of big names like Oasis, Morrissey and the Bee Gees gives you the opportunity to improve your English and get to know the huge music and culture scene Manchester has to offer.

In the city center you will encounter a mix of Victorian mansions and more contemporary architecture. The town hall and Gothic cathedral are unique sights here, and the numerous museums and art galleries are not the missed. The most well known is the Manchester Art Gallery. Many restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs offer a variety of culinary experiences, and many places to be visited at night. There is something to match every music taste. The unique industrial district, Northern Quarter is an upcoming trendy neighborhood, dotted with fashion boutiques and cafes. Manchester has many shopping spots, including Piccadilly Gardens and the Exchange Square. Here, amongst many other destinations, you can find Manchester’s most renowned department store: Harvey Nichols.


Schools in Manchester

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