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Take an English course in Whistler, one of the most famous winter snow sports destinations in the world.

Located just two hours from the capital of British Columbia, Vancouver, Whistler is a postcard perfect destination, experiencing the best of spring, summer, fall and winter. It has warm summer days and frosty, snowy winters. During the summer, hiking, camping, swimming in the lakes, zip-lining and even bear spotting are favorite activities to enjoy the warm days. During these months, the small town is surrounded by lush green forests and welcomes many outdoor lovers. 

It is during the winter, however, that Whistler lives up to its name as one of the most popular snow destinations in the world, receiving over two million visitors every snow season. Whistler Blackcomb is the most well known ski and snowboarding spot here, and the reason that many young people flock to Whistler every year. During the winter months, the town emanates the frosted Christmas village image with twinkling lights and snow covered rooftops surrounded by imposing dark mountains. It is a sight which will not easily be forgotten!

Despite its small size, Whistler boasts attractions for everyone, with dining and drinking spots ranging from small local fast food eateries to resort restaurants and lounges. After a long day in the outdoors, visitors can find many breweries and bars to enjoy a drink with other international and Canadian visitors and practice their English. Whistler is both a breathtakingly beautiful and exciting destination for students to take an English language course.


LocationBritish Columbia, Whistler mountain ranges
Climateoceanic, temperate

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There is no comparison with Tamwood Whistler for those looking to hit the slopes after classes. Located in the middle of Whistler town, at the base of some of the best ski and snowboarding slopes that Canada has to offer, students can easily spend their time between the classroom and the outdoors.

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