Become Cambridge certified in Malta
Become Cambridge certified in Malta
Become Cambridge certified in Malta
Become Cambridge certified in Malta

Cambridge exam preparation courses in Malta

A language course on a Mediterranean Island? Malta is the destination dreams are made of for lovers of the sun and water sports.

South of Sicily and north of Africa, the Maltese archipelago is decorated with picturesque beaches and surrounded by the beautiful blue sea. Malta has been influenced by European, African and the Middle Eastern cultures, and as a result has survived as a unique cultural melting pot. English remains today an official language as a result of the British influence, although Maltese is still spoken by the majority of the population.

Studying English in Malta means spending time by the beach, enjoying the sun and natural landscapes, sampling delicious local cuisine and time spent in the water and with the friendly Maltese locals enjoying the nightlife. More information about studying English in Malta

Cambridge First courses in Malta

The FCE proves a knowledge of intermediate English (B2), allowing you to work or study independently in English.

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Cambridge Advanced courses in Malta

The CAE certificate demonstrates proof of advanced English abilities (C1). This level is ideal for demonstrating a high-level of English knowledge to employers and universities.

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Cambridge IELTS en Malta

The IELTS exam is a requirement for students wanting to apply to secondary educational institutions or higher in English-speaking countries.

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